Ten highly motivated, smart, articulate and beautiful young ladies. Any of them can be the next Miss Liberia. Or even the next Miss Africa. Or the next Miss World for that matter. But tonight, there’s only one crown. So who gets to wear that coveted crown? Definitely, the decision will be the toughest job for the judge who pronounces the wearer of the next Miss Liberia crown. We have very strong and brave ladies taking the toll. They are all equipped because of the level of education and expertise they have come across. This is a great site for you to ponder more and experience well the nature of qualified education. Let us know the winner and also how they could secure that position. But wait a minute….before any final verdict is passed; or before the damsels do their stuff on stage, let’s hear a bit from the ladies themselves.

Eleanor Blessing Bropleh, 18

I am passionate about Civil Engineering, so as to develop my country in constructing modern and well maintained infrastructures. I am a Liberian from Grand Kru County, which is one of the most underdeveloped counties in Liberia. I play basketball, read books of motivation and solve math problems during my free time. It has been my ambition since childhood to become Miss Liberia.Vol 1 No 144 Front

Tina Finda Nyunkor, 23

I am representing Lofa County in the Miss Liberia 2016/2017 pageant. From an early age I developed the passion for Human Right Advocacy. In preparation for this noble career, I am currently studying English and early childhood development, in my junior year at Stella Maris Polytechnic. I live in Brewerville where I also worship at the Reverence Chapel Assembly of God Church. One of my favorite quotes is: “The alternate measure of a man is not where he stands in times of moments and comfort, but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy”. These wise words were said by my role model, the late Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Florence Pitt, 24

I am a senior student at the University of Liberia, studying Biology and Chemistry. My ambition is to become a psychologist to be able to help people who suffer from mental disorder. I love volunteering and going on the beach. My turn off is lies. I am guided by the principles of living morally upright, living my life in the present, and to respect and gain respect.

Winnie Canneh, 25

I am a Liberian from Bomi County, and presently a senior student at the University of Liberia reading Sociology and Mass Communication. I am a humanitarian, working with young girls and children. My goal is to win Miss Liberia 2016 which will give me a bigger platform to work in the interest of young girls and children.


Antholyn S. Cooper, 18

I am proud to represent the Great Bong County. I hope one day to serve my country by becoming a surgeon owning and managing an NGO Hospital Presently, I am a freshmen at Stella Maris Polytechnic studying Business Management. I love dancing, reading and participating in various competitions. I also find pleasure in meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. I pride myself in being a young lady of prestige and Intelligence.


Wokie Dolo, 24

A daughter of the soil, proudly representing the Great Nimba County, I am the first born of my parents, Ms. Margaret Gortor and Mr. Pious Dolo. I am blessed with three brothers and two sisters. At Cuttington University where I graduated in 2015, I represented my school as Miss CUC 2012. This experience helped to mold me as a philanthropist and a beauty consultant. After obtaining my Bachelor of Art Degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution and Sociology, I have since obtained a certificate in Leadership and Campaign Planning from the Young Political Leadership School. I am passionate about “Giving Hope to the Hopeless” by using my God-given light to brighten up someone else’s life. This passion was the driving force behind the creation of my foundation, Youth of Substance. The Foundation contributes to post war recovery and growth in Liberia. It’s mission is to help poor and orphaned children to see a better Liberia. In my spare time, I model and seek adventure to learn new things.


Alfreda Toomey, 26

I am a graduate of the United Methodist University with a Bachelor degree in Business Management. I am passionate about Girls Education and Fashion, working towards establishing a Liberian fashion design company that will specialize in ladies’ wear. My dream is to establish a girls’ education foundation that will focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health Education for teenage girls.


Goretti L. Itoka, 18

I am a lover of art, a dancer, model and actress. I’m a graduate of the Cathedral Catholic School and now a university student studying Agriculture. I love humankind and would love to be a great help in women empowerment in my country.


Kindnsee Peterlyne Wilson, 19

I am a Liberian from Grand Gedeh County. I am also a student of Starz College of Science and Technology where I study computer literacy. I am a model of Brigitte Modeling Agency. I want to become the next Miss Liberia because I want to improve girls education In Liberia and stop violence against women and children.



Courage Seh, 24

I was born in Sinkor Monrovia, and grew up in Bardnersville Estate. I am the last of seven children, including four lovely sisters and two awesome brothers. Presently I am a junior student at the United Methodist University, where I am reading Management and Sociology. My ambition is to become an administrative manager, a leader and a role model. I like being with my family and friends, interacting with others, and making kids laugh. I especially love modeling and exercising. I am a professional model at the Monique Modeling and Talent Agency.