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PUP Declares Support for Boakai

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PUP Support BoakaiThe Chairman of the People Unification Party (PUP) Isobe Gborko Kollie on a local radio talk show yesterday said that the party will wholeheartedly support the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, citing that the VP will bring new vision, new authority and new dimension to the presidency.

According to Chairman GborkorKollie, with the country going through tremendous socio-economic and political transformation under this government which has resulted in Liberia’s re-emergence as a responsible member of the comity of nations, “the VP is in the better position to continue this legacy”.
Chairman Kollie said that the party’s decision is not about enforcing a one state party, but putting entrusted person at the level of the presidency, a leader with a very good track record, integrity and selflessness.
The PUP Chairman noted that the Unity Party Standard Bearer has the moral qualification, the ability to be the next head of state, and will improve and uphold peace, economic prosperity, reconciliation, good governance and democracy.
Chairman Gborkorkollie averred that this election is about giving the country to a single political party, but at this time, he said, VP Boakai can ensure economic prosperity for all Liberians, promote genuine reconciliation, a thriving democracy, and sustained peace and democracy.
It could be recalled in recent time that 31 members of the House of Representatives endorsed the Vice President at the Capitol Building, while 19 Senators also pledged their support.

Both the Representatives and Senators in their resolution revealed that they are convinced VP Boakai is the best suited for the presidency.

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