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ULD Endorses Boakai Featured

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With just four days in the campaign period, the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party Joseph N. Boakai has received a huge endorsement to boot his quest for the nation’s highest seat comes October 10, 2017.

On Thursday August 3, 2017, the Union of Liberian Democrats Party (ULD) sanctioned their support to the presidential bid of the Liberian Vice President.

Reading the endorsement statement on behalf of the party, Prince S. Varney, ULD National Secretary General, said his party is aware of the many political parties vying for the presidency, but the unfolding political development has distinguished Joseph N. Boakai and Speaker Emmanuel J. Nuquay as honest, hardworking and committed public servants.Vol. 2 No 268 Front
He noted that they are the best among the rest of those who are contesting for the presidency as their enviable characters resonate in four corners of this country and beyond.

According to him, the UP Standard Bearer’s insights into the nation’s problems and needs, and his willingness to examine the issues and listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns, sets him far above the mere rhetoric and empty promises of regular politicians.

“For these reasons, we the executives and members of the Union of Liberia Democrats hereby express our support for the VP presidential bid and herewith endorse him for the upcoming elections and pledge to become foot soldiers in spreading his policies, as we ultimately work at ensuring that he is elected president on the October 10, 2017 polls,” ULD National Secretary General says.

Accordingly, he stated that these elections are very cardinal and crucial to the growth and strategic development of the country, noting that decisions that will be made will determine whether the nation and its people will move forward or backward.

“It is contingent on the love we have for our country that we, the executives and members of ULD have decided to relinquish our rights to contest in these elections, in order to endorse and support the presidential bid of Ambassador Boakai and J. Emmanuel Nuquay. We believe that VP Boakai has demonstrated throughout his public service career an appreciation for working in a multi-partisan fashion to get things accomplished and has shown a deep understanding of the issues confronting the nation both nationally and internationally,” he added.

Varney stressed that the ULD believes that Boakai offers what the country needs most over the next six years.

He added that based on the qualification and preparedness of the UP Standard Bearer, he has an understanding of the many complex issues facing the nation and the ability to work with members of all political parties, to go beyond the diverseness and work toward the common good for all Liberians .

Meanwhile, 15 officials of the Union of Liberian Democrats Party (ULD signed the endorsement.

However, the political leader of the ULD, Jonathan A. Mason says the party believes Boakai and Nuquay are ready to serve and to improve all sectors of the country.

According to him, the infrastructures and employments sectors will experience massive improvement under the Boakai presidency.

He said: “Boakai is an emancipator, a developer, humanitarian and one who values everyone; so we think we can make the difference for Liberia and Liberians.”

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