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Aggrieved workers of the defunct $30 million Libe¬ria ADA/LAP rice project have vowed to disrupt any political attempt by the for-mer Chief Executive Officer of ADA, Wendell McIntosh, to campaign or confront residents of Foya in Lofa County.

 In a recent interview with Mr. Flex S. Numah who is one of the supervisors of the ADA/LAP Foya Rice Project, he disclosed that since 2010 when the late Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gadhafi died, the ADA rice project collapsed thereby leaving its employees languishing without support from the CEO. 

Vol. 2 No 276 FrontMr. Numah said that their entire plea for their arrears to be settled has fallen on deaf ears as promises given by Mr. McIntosh were never fulfilled.
Giving their position as to the idea of Mr. McIntosh’s running for presidency un¬der the Change Democratic Action (CDA) party, Mr. Numah said that Liberians are not ready to gamble the country’s future on some¬one who cannot handle a simple rice project.
Mr. Numah said that even though there are parading non-violence messages to¬wards these elections, if Mr. McIntosh dares set foot near Foya to campaign, he would meet stiff resistance from aggrieved workers.
“He would have a serious problem even though there is no electoral violence, be¬cause if you are indebted to somebody, you can’t come and stand in front of the per¬son and say let’s campaign, while the person is down¬hearted. It is only when every arrear is settled with us, then we can give him the privilege to go ahead with his campaign. That is the right of every citizen in this country”, he said.
Mr. Numah said that since the collapse of the $30 mil¬lion ADA/LAP rice project, many of their workers have died as a result of frustra¬tion, while some are doing other menial jobs to survive.
“Mr. McIntosh has admit¬ted with several communi¬cations that he owes us, but relevant authorities did not heed to our cries to make him pay our salaries. The only way is to block any of his political moves here un¬less we are settled”, he main¬ained.

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