Almost all the countries in this world face the problem of corruption in one way or another. Liberia is also one amidst that. It proves to be the root cause for various other problems in the country. This corruption can be washed away by practicing simple steps like:

  • Spread Education: Lack of education amidst the people is one of the main reasons for the rise of education. The uneducated people take up the wrong path to earn for their living. So, the spread of education can reduce corruption to a greater extent.
  • Punishments to be followed: The government should take initiative steps to punish the people who involve in the act of corruption. The punishment should be instant and it should be severe.
  • Sting operations: The government should take steps to perform sting operations. This helps to reveal the corrupt people in each and every sector. Apart from bringing out the corrupt people, it also develops fear in mind of the people to involve in corruption.
  • Taking up the right course: For a work to be done, one should follow the right course to get it done. The people themselves should not look for short cuts to get it done. This leads to the starting of corruption.
  • Usage of cameras or recorders: Technology also plays its role in preventing the corruption. The cameras and recorders can be used in offices, government offices and the like to monitor the action of people and the officers during the working hours. This automatically makes the people to behave in the right path. Even if some mistake occurs, it gets recorded and this can be viewed by the higher officials or the police. The necessary steps can then be taken.
  • Develop confidence in oneself: Generally, people will be afraid of approaching the help of police if some mistakes happen at any place. So, the public should be bold enough and be confident.

George Weah, who is the football hero in Liberia, faced problems in his presidency. The problem was that he was his inability to tackle the corruption in the land of Liberia. This leads to the rise of protest amidst people. Not only corruption, many points were put forth on him in a negative aspect. It was said that, since after Weah took the control, the growth of the land has reduced much in many aspects. Going here are the many other news and events of George Weah that is detailed.