Almost all the countries in this world face the problem of corruption in one way or another

Almost all the countries in this world face the problem of corruption in one way or another. Liberia is also one amidst that. It proves to be the root cause for various other problems in the country. This corruption can be washed away by practicing simple steps like:

  • Spread Education: Lack of education amidst the people is one of the main reasons for the rise of education. The uneducated people take up the wrong path to earn for their living. So, the spread of education can reduce corruption to a greater extent.
  • Punishments to be followed: The government should take initiative steps to punish the people who involve in the act of corruption. The punishment should be instant and it should be severe.
  • Sting operations: The government should take steps to perform sting operations. This helps to reveal the corrupt people in each and every sector. Apart from bringing out the corrupt people, it also develops fear in mind of the people to involve in corruption.
  • Taking up the right course: For a work to be done, one should follow the right course to get it done. The people themselves should not look for short cuts to get it done. This leads to the starting of corruption.
  • Usage of cameras or recorders: Technology also plays its role in preventing the corruption. The cameras and recorders can be used in offices, government offices and the like to monitor the action of people and the officers during the working hours. This automatically makes the people to behave in the right path. Even if some mistake occurs, it gets recorded and this can be viewed by the higher officials or the police. The necessary steps can then be taken.
  • Develop confidence in oneself: Generally, people will be afraid of approaching the help of police if some mistakes happen at any place. So, the public should be bold enough and be confident.

George Weah, who is the football hero in Liberia, faced problems in his presidency. The problem was that he was his inability to tackle the corruption in the land of Liberia. This leads to the rise of protest amidst people. Not only corruption, many points were put forth on him in a negative aspect. It was said that, since after Weah took the control, the growth of the land has reduced much in many aspects. Going here are the many other news and events of George Weah that is detailed.


Monrovia, Liberia; Being a country where the water is being brought in by the hands of little girls rather than the pipes

Monrovia, Liberia; Being a country where the water is being brought in by the hands of little girls rather than the pipes. In such a country it is no special that the blackboard turns out to be a newspaper. Here is a person who does this good work called as Alfred Sirlwleaf. He is a 33 year old editor of the Daily Talk. The people who feels difficult to by the paper, inability to access the internet, inability to buy TV are served well by him in all means by doing all type of work. He feels that only a well refined citizen has all the rights to give re birth to a particular country. He feels that all the people in the homeland has full rights to know about the events taking place in the country.   In the democratic country, each and every Liberian should play their role perfectly with all the news being known. For the people who can read, Alfred uses the chalk and the board to write the news over it.  This helps the people to keep the news up to date. This is so easy that, one can read the board in their hectic life style too.

On the day before the Independence Day, he wrote the text that makes the people think about the promises given by the president. The promises were to provide the electric power to all parts of the city. Along with this, the other promise that was set was to reconstruct the water system that was once destroyed in the war. These two were said by the president and it was assured that it will be fulfilled before the Independence Day. For the people who failed to read, are assisted with picture representation of symbols that delivers the message. In this way, all the people either educated or not, all the people get the chance to know about the news details that is happening in their own country. According to him, each and every person in a country has the right to know in detail about the events that is happening in and around the country. This is one of the basic rights of the persons in all the country. The effort being put forward is immense and pleasurable. It is really a good act of deed for the people.

Look here for other news and events happening all around in all the fields.


In women, breast cancer has become one of the frequently occurring problems

In women, breast cancer has become one of the frequently occurring problems. This may be the formation of lumps or thickening of lumps in the breast. At times, the skin colour may also change. The reason may be varied like unhygienic life style, genetics, and many more. It is the most common cancer problem in women. The treatments are available in varied range like surgery, therapy, chemotherapy. Every lump in the breast is not cancerous lump; but it is good to visit the doctor for clarification.

Apart from the basic symptoms in women’s breast, some of the other symptoms are pain in the armpits or breast that does not stops after the menstrual cycle, redness in the skin of the breast, rash on around the nipples, blood or cloudy discharge from the nipple, abnormal (sunken or inverted) nipple, abnormal size of the breast and similar things.

If the breast is affected with cancer, then it can be staged depending upon the effectiveness of the disease in the body:

  • Stage0: The cancerous cells are limited to the duct and the surrounding tissues remains undisturbed.
  • Stage1: The cancerous cells has attained the size of 2cm. But the lymph nodes are not affected in any way.
  • Stage2: Being 2 cm, the cancerous cells have started spreading to the nearby nodes.
  • Stage3: The cancerous cells have reached the length of 5 cm. At this stage, some of the lymph nodes are being affected.
  • Stage4: The cancer has almost spread to all the important parts of the body like brain, bones, lungs and liver.

The exact cause of the occurrence of the cancer is not known till now. Some of the known risk factors are as follows:

  • Age: Every woman who have attained 30 years of age is likely to be affected by this problem.
  • Genetics: The gene plays a major role. The close family members who have or having this problem may be a choice of occurrence of cancer.
  • History of breast cancer: A woman already affected with breast cancer is likely to suffer from it once again.
  • Abnormal breast tissue: The condition of dense breast tissue often leads to cancer.
  • Body weight: Breast cancer is subjected to a person who is overweight or face the problem of obesity.

The problem of breast cancer is common in all parts of the world. Next is the news about the woman to get screened in Liberia.


Education with social responsibility is the need of the hour.

Education with social responsibility is the need of the hour. We have to see that children are given the right amount of exposure to varied activities so that they get to know what is exactly happening around them. The Government of Liberia has been taking several efforts in this direction and it is quite welcoming. Democracy and its results in the common well being had certainly being portrayed well in all dimensions of the country.

Media has a representative role and that is being monitored every time when there is a case. If there are other regulations that are being taken light, even that is scrutinized. This is a good measure. On the development forum, we see different kinds of progression. Telecommunication and network system in Liberia is taking a rising turn that is very much essential.

In the Education front, external competitive exams being held are going to bring a lot of glory to the nation. It will increase the competitive spirit and encourage children to keep themselves updated especially in the Science field. See post to know more.

Liberia has several concerns that look out for professional support

Liberia has several concerns that look out for professional support. There are many challenges and democracy is sometimes questioned. However, on the whole it has been splashing across tough situations to emerge as a highly thriving country. Let us see some of the important concerns in this regard.

The younger generation has to be provided with a strong educational framework so that they engage with the civil responsibilities and delivering services with due importance. There has to be consistent campaigns to convey the International demands and challenges the people have to face. The real energy should come from the youth and should be driven in the positive direction. Democracy cannot generally come from elections and political leaders alone. The ideas should start coming from the people.

Women empowerment is another area in which the country should concentrate. Women skills and their influence are certainly important for the political and social development. The status of women and their participation in Governmental affairs is necessary for bringing about best practices. When the women of a nation come to support, naturally the country’s stability gets visible in the developmental platforms. This is a true reference towards the Nation’s permanence. They will lose the fear to participate and gender equality mobilizes. Political and social inclusion is necessary at any cost.

Human Rights and justice to the people should flow out from any hard situations and at any point in time. For this to happen, the judicial system has to be very strong and distributed. Decentralization and related organizations should come up with necessary reforms to bring transparency at every level. Effective forums and campaigns should be materialized to bring people for open discussions to speak about their concerns and expectations in the different regions of the country. Social responsibility will then crop up and further accountable citizens develop.

Agricultural development and productivity is another concern. We should always concentrate on providing values to the people rather than increasing the productivity by numbers. Land governance also has to improve by following the right policies. Negotiations with the concerned regulatory are a must for sustainable development on the go.  With such informed practices, we can certainly achieve the best out of the people and the resources. Team effort always receives mass results that the entire country can feel proud of. Liberia has a long way to go, but certainly it is in the right direction a great development.

Democracy in Liberia is a challenging aspect to understand.

Democracy in Liberia is a challenging aspect to understand. The different social pressures and their stronghold are at different degrees. Various reputed organizations across the world have been trying to build good institutions to manage the responsibility. Civil Services and elections are the most important ones to mention here.

Institutional development is required for public sector management. We require a complete research on the current situation and the necessary steps that need to be taken. Transparency is an important concern here. We require people who can speak out the people’s concern very effectively so that the rule of law can be easily emerged. The Government of Liberia is working in these dimensions and mobilizing the resources to bring about a change. Decentralization and their benefits have been triggered and working towards consistent developmental organization in the different regions of Liberia. Go to this site and you will get a better idea.

To curb the criminal activities that come up every now and then, legal development is an ultimate necessity. The Government has worked on all possibilities to strengthen the Rule of Law to activate the judicial powers in the right direction. This will also put the conservative leaders and their activities in place. This will also drive us towards peaceful resolutions in case of valid disputes. It can also stop corruption activities if it is happening in any part of the country.

The Government has also taken steps to divert the media development towards establishing civil laws and reforms. They have tried inculcating social responsibilities among people. With the external professional support like the USAID, it has brought in good standards as far as ethics and journalism is concerned. However, it has also ensured that the media is provided with the right amount of freedom that they should receive.

The people, Government and the related organizations have also been looking for and establishing sustainable development so that there is sufficient contribution for the generations to come. Developments have been showing the right choices as is evident from the growth factors and numbers. Productivity seems increasing and is reaching qualitative standards. Strict monitoring of these aspects and swift maintenance of essential raw data can further help in fine tuning the reforms if necessary. The Educational sector and the communication sector have already been moving fast paced in the right direction.  We can expect Liberia to achieve even better heights in the years to come.

The penetration of mobile phones and the way it has become in our lives is interesting

The penetration of mobile phones and the way it has become in our lives is interesting. We can say the communication sector has acted responsibly to our needs and served us better. It is important to acknowledge the importance of companies like Orange that tried to establish their brand stability in Liberia. With consistent support and efficient functioning it has improved and become one of the largest network operators in Liberia. Closely monitoring their developments, we can point out certain qualities that other companies have to learn from Orange in order to witness success.

Firstly, they had the vision towards spreading the communication network throughout the country in a balanced manner. There was no partial distribution. Orange tried to establish their stand every nook and corner so that their brand dominates the whole land of Liberia. It is fairly evident that they have succeeded in their attempts.

The market conditions have not been conducive for developments in Liberia due to many reasons as we all know. However, Orange brought in sequence the 3G and 4G LTE services in a seemingly slow but steady packages working out many strategies. Their strategically different ideas are unique like that of the Crypto CFD Trader. The company has consistently constructed many sites to expand their business to provide the necessary services to the customers.

Also, to be mentioned is the quality of services that Orange has been trying to provide. They have not taken a step backward to relax after they established their company presence. They have been looking for ways to offer interrupted supply buy bringing up the necessary sites in place. It is surely a lesson for every company that is planning to grow and develop their presence in Liberia.

The important aspect to be mentioned here is also the support the company received from the people of Liberia and the Government as well. Every new establishment requires this support for building a strong foundation and slowly showing up with the right transition. It has paved way for other related developments like the digital economy. Mobile banking and other core banking services have reached people even the most far and difficult regions in Liberia. It has raised the standard of living of common people. It has facilitated people by taking well informed decisions staying in any part of the country. The mode of communication and the quality can never be compromised at any rate.


The areas include development planning

The areas include development planning, land policy reform, agricultural productivity, debt cancellation negotiation, capacity development, and the implementation of the economic stabilization and recovery plan (ESRP of Liberia. These areas of development are important for the growth of the countries. It will preserve the nation’s identity without compromising it needs. For example, the land policy will help the Government officials to rightly delegate and plan the management of land as a resource. They can work on how optimally it can be used to preserve the benefits for future as well. It can be accomplished through well researched timely decisions. All the stake holders when present for a general discussion, the necessary concerns will be well projected and subjective decisions will be taken for sustainable development. We have been asked to try this out for all National concerns so that peace conditions prevail at all times.

It is also necessary that significant data is maintained to alter the reforms as per the emerging requirements. Thus, this MoU can make a significant change in the coming years and it will be prevalent with the generations to come mutually. Agricultural productivity is another important concern that can contribute to significant growth and alleviate poverty to a considerable extent if planned and executed well. Agricultural practices tend to employ many people and so the productivity is a significant factor in determining how well the resources are utilized for profit. Development can be effective when it is handled in an efficient manner. The UN collaboration will help lead a well driven programme to facilitate achieving national goals.

The signing ceremony took place at the Ministry of Finance, Development and planning yesterday with some senior officials of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) and ECA in attendance.

Guide to Start a Small Business Step By Step


Communicate with any small business owner, and then you may come to know that starting even a small business requires more work. The great starting point for the business is creating a business idea. But his idea will not work out as business unless you put your effort. Moreover some of the budding entrepreneurs know well that certain efforts should be taken to create a business. Unfortunately, they might not familiar with the effective steps involved to launch a successful business. You can check blog to get advice from the business experts to start a small business and it will be a great resource.

Instead of spinning your wheels and confusing in starting a business, you may follow this step to transform your idea into a business.

  1. Refine your business idea

If you want to start a business ad having the idea to sell or want to enter into the market, then you have to do research on the existing well-established companies. Learn the ways to do it better and then you will get the solid idea. Now you are ready to create a business plan. If you want to trade in the crypto currency, then Bitcoin Loophole is trading software helps to run your business operation. Before entering into it you have to read the reviews about eh Bitcoin Loophole in the online.

2 Make a business plan

To start a new small business, the business plan is considered as the blue print. It will guide your business for the starting phase till to the growth of the business. If you are in need of financial support, then you have to follow the traditional business plan. If you don’t need any financial support, then a simple one-page business plan is enough.

  1. Estimate your finances

Only a small investment is required to start a small business. So you have to estimate the start-up costs including licenses, legal fees, etc.

  1. Select the business structure

Before registering your company you have to decide the type of its entity. First, you have to select the business structure either as a single owner or partnership or a corporation. Then only you can register your business name in the government which plays s major role in your business.

  1. Get licenses and accounting system

Depending upon your small business you have to get the licenses from where you are located. Set up an accounting system which is important to manage your budget.

  1. Get your team ready and promote your business

Hire the employees to start the process and promote your business by attracting customers and clients.








Gov’t, UNECA Sign Cooperative Framework

Hon. Carlos Lopes Executive Secretary for United nation Economic Commission for Africa and Hon. Edward Eesiah Acting Minister of Finance and Development PlanningThe government of Liberia and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a general framework of cooperation that will see the parties benefit from mutual information sharing, consultation, knowledge exchange and cooperate on projects that focus on six key areas.

In 1958, United Nations Economic for Africa was established. It is abbreviated as UNECA or ECA. The main aim of formation of this development was to enhance the cooperation of the member states in an economic way. It is one among the 5 regional commissions. It has in total 54 member states and the explanation is detailed here.

The areas include development planning, land policy reform, agricultural productivity, debt cancellation negotiation, capacity development, and the implementation of the economic stabilization and recovery plan (ESRP of Liberia.

The signing ceremony took place at the Ministry of Finance, Development and planning yesterday with some senior officials of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) and ECA in attendance.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Executive Secretary of ECA, Dr. Carlos Lopes,, said the signing ceremony marks another milestone in the relationship between the UN and the Government of Liberia.

According to the ECA Executive Secretary, under this MOU ECA through the capacity development division will be responsible for the overall supervision and support of the project including the provision of funds.

Dr. Lopes noted that in the agreement, technical support towards Liberia’s land policy reform; support to improve Liberia’s agricultural productivity; support on preparing Liberia towards the negotiations for debt cancellation are part of the recovery program efforts.

The framework for cooperation which was outlined in the MOU, according to Dr. Lopes, expresses the parties’ intentions subject to each party’s internal regulations which each party will identify and jointly implement specific projects and activities in areas of mutual interest for joint cooperation.

In the MOU the parties will make the resource and expert sharing arrangements, which is subject for internal approvals from each organization.

The MOU also stated that parties will exchange information and documentation necessary for the purpose of implementing activities and program under the provision of the MOU, which subject for confidentiality rules.

The memorandum of understanding will remain in force for the initial two years period unless terminated earlier by either party giving two Months written notice to the other party.

The MOU noted that if a conflict of interest arises or appears likely to arise during the duration of this MOU the parties hereto shall immediately notify each other, make full disclosure of all relevant information relating to the conflict, and take such steps as reasonably required to resolve otherwise deal with the conflict.

Speaking on behalf of the Liberian Government, acting Minister of Finance, Development and Planning, Edward Eesiah, expressed gratitude to Dr. Carlos lopes and his delegation and said the Liberian Government is grateful to receive the ECA delegation in Liberia and wished them a successful stay in the country.