Education with social responsibility is the need of the hour. We have to see that children are given the right amount of exposure to varied activities so that they get to know what is exactly happening around them. The Government of Liberia has been taking several efforts in this direction and it is quite welcoming. Democracy and its results in the common well being had certainly being portrayed well in all dimensions of the country.

Media has a representative role and that is being monitored every time when there is a case. If there are other regulations that are being taken light, even that is scrutinized. This is a good measure. On the development forum, we see different kinds of progression. Telecommunication and network system in Liberia is taking a rising turn that is very much essential.

In the Education front, external competitive exams being held are going to bring a lot of glory to the nation. It will increase the competitive spirit and encourage children to keep themselves updated especially in the Science field. See post to know more.