In women, breast cancer has become one of the frequently occurring problems. This may be the formation of lumps or thickening of lumps in the breast. At times, the skin colour may also change. The reason may be varied like unhygienic life style, genetics, and many more. It is the most common cancer problem in women. The treatments are available in varied range like surgery, therapy, chemotherapy. Every lump in the breast is not cancerous lump; but it is good to visit the doctor for clarification.

Apart from the basic symptoms in women’s breast, some of the other symptoms are pain in the armpits or breast that does not stops after the menstrual cycle, redness in the skin of the breast, rash on around the nipples, blood or cloudy discharge from the nipple, abnormal (sunken or inverted) nipple, abnormal size of the breast and similar things.

If the breast is affected with cancer, then it can be staged depending upon the effectiveness of the disease in the body:

  • Stage0: The cancerous cells are limited to the duct and the surrounding tissues remains undisturbed.
  • Stage1: The cancerous cells has attained the size of 2cm. But the lymph nodes are not affected in any way.
  • Stage2: Being 2 cm, the cancerous cells have started spreading to the nearby nodes.
  • Stage3: The cancerous cells have reached the length of 5 cm. At this stage, some of the lymph nodes are being affected.
  • Stage4: The cancer has almost spread to all the important parts of the body like brain, bones, lungs and liver.

The exact cause of the occurrence of the cancer is not known till now. Some of the known risk factors are as follows:

  • Age: Every woman who have attained 30 years of age is likely to be affected by this problem.
  • Genetics: The gene plays a major role. The close family members who have or having this problem may be a choice of occurrence of cancer.
  • History of breast cancer: A woman already affected with breast cancer is likely to suffer from it once again.
  • Abnormal breast tissue: The condition of dense breast tissue often leads to cancer.
  • Body weight: Breast cancer is subjected to a person who is overweight or face the problem of obesity.

The problem of breast cancer is common in all parts of the world. Next is the news about the woman to get screened in Liberia.