Hon. Carlos Lopes Executive Secretary for United nation Economic Commission for Africa and Hon. Edward Eesiah Acting Minister of Finance and Development PlanningThe government of Liberia and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a general framework of cooperation that will see the parties benefit from mutual information sharing, consultation, knowledge exchange and cooperate on projects that focus on six key areas.

In 1958, United Nations Economic for Africa was established. It is abbreviated as UNECA or ECA. The main aim of formation of this development was to enhance the cooperation of the member states in an economic way. It is one among the 5 regional commissions. It has in total 54 member states and the explanation is detailed here.

The areas include development planning, land policy reform, agricultural productivity, debt cancellation negotiation, capacity development, and the implementation of the economic stabilization and recovery plan (ESRP of Liberia.

The signing ceremony took place at the Ministry of Finance, Development and planning yesterday with some senior officials of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) and ECA in attendance.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Executive Secretary of ECA, Dr. Carlos Lopes,, said the signing ceremony marks another milestone in the relationship between the UN and the Government of Liberia.

According to the ECA Executive Secretary, under this MOU ECA through the capacity development division will be responsible for the overall supervision and support of the project including the provision of funds.

Dr. Lopes noted that in the agreement, technical support towards Liberia’s land policy reform; support to improve Liberia’s agricultural productivity; support on preparing Liberia towards the negotiations for debt cancellation are part of the recovery program efforts.

The framework for cooperation which was outlined in the MOU, according to Dr. Lopes, expresses the parties’ intentions subject to each party’s internal regulations which each party will identify and jointly implement specific projects and activities in areas of mutual interest for joint cooperation.

In the MOU the parties will make the resource and expert sharing arrangements, which is subject for internal approvals from each organization.

The MOU also stated that parties will exchange information and documentation necessary for the purpose of implementing activities and program under the provision of the MOU, which subject for confidentiality rules.

The memorandum of understanding will remain in force for the initial two years period unless terminated earlier by either party giving two Months written notice to the other party.

The MOU noted that if a conflict of interest arises or appears likely to arise during the duration of this MOU the parties hereto shall immediately notify each other, make full disclosure of all relevant information relating to the conflict, and take such steps as reasonably required to resolve otherwise deal with the conflict.

Speaking on behalf of the Liberian Government, acting Minister of Finance, Development and Planning, Edward Eesiah, expressed gratitude to Dr. Carlos lopes and his delegation and said the Liberian Government is grateful to receive the ECA delegation in Liberia and wished them a successful stay in the country.