Liberia has several concerns that look out for professional support. There are many challenges and democracy is sometimes questioned. However, on the whole it has been splashing across tough situations to emerge as a highly thriving country. Let us see some of the important concerns in this regard.

The younger generation has to be provided with a strong educational framework so that they engage with the civil responsibilities and delivering services with due importance. There has to be consistent campaigns to convey the International demands and challenges the people have to face. The real energy should come from the youth and should be driven in the positive direction. Democracy cannot generally come from elections and political leaders alone. The ideas should start coming from the people.

Women empowerment is another area in which the country should concentrate. Women skills and their influence are certainly important for the political and social development. The status of women and their participation in Governmental affairs is necessary for bringing about best practices. When the women of a nation come to support, naturally the country’s stability gets visible in the developmental platforms. This is a true reference towards the Nation’s permanence. They will lose the fear to participate and gender equality mobilizes. Political and social inclusion is necessary at any cost.

Human Rights and justice to the people should flow out from any hard situations and at any point in time. For this to happen, the judicial system has to be very strong and distributed. Decentralization and related organizations should come up with necessary reforms to bring transparency at every level. Effective forums and campaigns should be materialized to bring people for open discussions to speak about their concerns and expectations in the different regions of the country. Social responsibility will then crop up and further accountable citizens develop.

Agricultural development and productivity is another concern. We should always concentrate on providing values to the people rather than increasing the productivity by numbers. Land governance also has to improve by following the right policies. Negotiations with the concerned regulatory are a must for sustainable development on the go.  With such informed practices, we can certainly achieve the best out of the people and the resources. Team effort always receives mass results that the entire country can feel proud of. Liberia has a long way to go, but certainly it is in the right direction a great development.