Monrovia, Liberia; Being a country where the water is being brought in by the hands of little girls rather than the pipes. In such a country it is no special that the blackboard turns out to be a newspaper. Here is a person who does this good work called as Alfred Sirlwleaf. He is a 33 year old editor of the Daily Talk. The people who feels difficult to by the paper, inability to access the internet, inability to buy TV are served well by him in all means by doing all type of work. He feels that only a well refined citizen has all the rights to give re birth to a particular country. He feels that all the people in the homeland has full rights to know about the events taking place in the country.   In the democratic country, each and every Liberian should play their role perfectly with all the news being known. For the people who can read, Alfred uses the chalk and the board to write the news over it.  This helps the people to keep the news up to date. This is so easy that, one can read the board in their hectic life style too.

On the day before the Independence Day, he wrote the text that makes the people think about the promises given by the president. The promises were to provide the electric power to all parts of the city. Along with this, the other promise that was set was to reconstruct the water system that was once destroyed in the war. These two were said by the president and it was assured that it will be fulfilled before the Independence Day. For the people who failed to read, are assisted with picture representation of symbols that delivers the message. In this way, all the people either educated or not, all the people get the chance to know about the news details that is happening in their own country. According to him, each and every person in a country has the right to know in detail about the events that is happening in and around the country. This is one of the basic rights of the persons in all the country. The effort being put forward is immense and pleasurable. It is really a good act of deed for the people.

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