The areas include development planning, land policy reform, agricultural productivity, debt cancellation negotiation, capacity development, and the implementation of the economic stabilization and recovery plan (ESRP of Liberia. These areas of development are important for the growth of the countries. It will preserve the nation’s identity without compromising it needs. For example, the land policy will help the Government officials to rightly delegate and plan the management of land as a resource. They can work on how optimally it can be used to preserve the benefits for future as well. It can be accomplished through well researched timely decisions. All the stake holders when present for a general discussion, the necessary concerns will be well projected and subjective decisions will be taken for sustainable development. We have been asked to try this out for all National concerns so that peace conditions prevail at all times.

It is also necessary that significant data is maintained to alter the reforms as per the emerging requirements. Thus, this MoU can make a significant change in the coming years and it will be prevalent with the generations to come mutually. Agricultural productivity is another important concern that can contribute to significant growth and alleviate poverty to a considerable extent if planned and executed well. Agricultural practices tend to employ many people and so the productivity is a significant factor in determining how well the resources are utilized for profit. Development can be effective when it is handled in an efficient manner. The UN collaboration will help lead a well driven programme to facilitate achieving national goals.

The signing ceremony took place at the Ministry of Finance, Development and planning yesterday with some senior officials of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) and ECA in attendance.