The penetration of mobile phones and the way it has become in our lives is interesting. We can say the communication sector has acted responsibly to our needs and served us better. It is important to acknowledge the importance of companies like Orange that tried to establish their brand stability in Liberia. With consistent support and efficient functioning it has improved and become one of the largest network operators in Liberia. Closely monitoring their developments, we can point out certain qualities that other companies have to learn from Orange in order to witness success.

Firstly, they had the vision towards spreading the communication network throughout the country in a balanced manner. There was no partial distribution. Orange tried to establish their stand every nook and corner so that their brand dominates the whole land of Liberia. It is fairly evident that they have succeeded in their attempts.

The market conditions have not been conducive for developments in Liberia due to many reasons as we all know. However, Orange brought in sequence the 3G and 4G LTE services in a seemingly slow but steady packages working out many strategies. Their strategically different ideas are unique like that of the Crypto CFD Trader. The company has consistently constructed many sites to expand their business to provide the necessary services to the customers.

Also, to be mentioned is the quality of services that Orange has been trying to provide. They have not taken a step backward to relax after they established their company presence. They have been looking for ways to offer interrupted supply buy bringing up the necessary sites in place. It is surely a lesson for every company that is planning to grow and develop their presence in Liberia.

The important aspect to be mentioned here is also the support the company received from the people of Liberia and the Government as well. Every new establishment requires this support for building a strong foundation and slowly showing up with the right transition. It has paved way for other related developments like the digital economy. Mobile banking and other core banking services have reached people even the most far and difficult regions in Liberia. It has raised the standard of living of common people. It has facilitated people by taking well informed decisions staying in any part of the country. The mode of communication and the quality can never be compromised at any rate.